Report reaching us through Ehis, a Pretoria based Nigerian, with visuals and video clips, has confirmed

a renewed aggression against Nigerians and other immigrants in Pretoria West and Jo’burg South Africa.

Other media reports indicated that the Police are doing much they can to break up the tense march against immigrants in the Pretoria CBD this morning (Friday), with stun grenades going off near the department of home affairs building. A police helicopter hovered overhead and public order police officers weaved through the large crowd.


At one point, the group tried to push past the police. Many in the crowd carried sticks, rods and other items. In one of the featured video account here, a victim is obviously beaten to death.

One man told a News24 reporter on the ground: “The foreigners have real guns. They are selling drugs and are involved in prostitution and the municipality is helping them. They must leave.”

Some foreign nationals faced the group, shouting at them.

Atteridgeville protests
A group calling itself the Mamelodi Concerned Residents is leading the march to the home affairs department in protest against immigrants in South Africa.

Law enforcement officers will be deployed along the route and at venues where memorandums will be handed over, the police’s National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure said in a statement on Thursday.

Earlier on Friday morning, protesters blocked several streets in Atteridgeville, preventing residents from going to work and school.

Rocks were thrown and tyres were burnt.

Officials later cleared the debris so that traffic could flow freely.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said the police could not confirm whether or not the protest was related to the march.

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