Once I got thinking about issues around me and I realised that things are not the way they ought to be. God planned and designed the world to be interesting and bearable if not up to a 100%. It is however appalling to see the world in disarray.

For Nigeria, fighting and killings here and there, corruption on the rise, ill-health, economic meltdown, unemployment, divorce, darkness everywhere, accidents, uhhh! You name them… so many disheartening incidents is on the increase.

What exactly is the issue? The government, our leader’s right? Did I just hear someone say yes? Nay! It’s our entire fault! The heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it says the Holy Bible. The mind cooks it all up. We choose these “leaders” and get angry when they begin to showcase who they truly are. Even the people pointing accusing fingers are guilty. Imagine the lead and the led viewing wickedness as being smart or fighting to gain their comfort. It’s a shame that everyone is to blame. . .

What are you currently thinking about? What are your plans towards your colleague at work? Are you always bothered about being on top? Not bad to be on top but what are your intentions? Answer these questions honestly…

Well, if we will consciously take into considerations other when we think and act, if we understand that whatever we do or say makes or mar other and the country at large then change is sure. Reason being that change starts with you . . . check your mind set . . . change your attitude

Another opportunity has come to provoke change to existence do not misuse it. Vote without causing violence or strife . . . Stop to think about the effect.


One Nigeria!

It is like perfume when sprayed in little amount, it diffuses and fills the room.

It is like tradition once accepted by two or three, it becomes established.

It is like smoking or drinking, once started addiction sets in.

It is like music, once launched and loved, it becomes viral.

It is also like a seed, once planted and given the right boost it germinates into a big fruit or tree.

So is Wickedness . . . once taken on board becomes an attitude and uneasy to stop. It does not start in one day, it takes a gradual course. It does not always come as a bad thing, it’s coated like cakes. Once wickedness is dabbled into, it grows and is passed on for continuity sake. Adults act wickedly nowadays without the thought of its ripple effect on young ones. Young ones today act in like manner making reference to their predecessors. I thought everyone understood this phrase “Like father like son”, why then pass on a disaster? Wickedness is always waiting to explode, it does not come in easily or nicely, it’s forceful and destructive. Like whirlwind, wickedness is sweeping off good hearts from our country and generation; love is diminishing, hatred is setting in which is the cause of the killings and death we experience. One good thing about wickedness is, it asks for permission before it comes in, you choose whether to accommodate it or not. Why not then consider the harm (s) a wicked act will cause to a person, the country or generations yet unborn? Choose peace rather than uproar . . . choose to be kind.

Give love, Embrace love, and share it, it’ll cost you nothing but peace rather than whirlwind . . .

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