KIDNAP & RAPE OF GIRL CHILD: Emir’s Act Not Different From Boko Haram’s

It has been days yet I have not been able to find the exact words to describe my angst and bewilderment at the mindless and extreme height of abuse of privilege and power by those we ought to look up to.

Just days ago, the whole world went agog at the release of 21 girls kidnapped by the religious maniacs in the name of Boko Haram. The release of the Chibok girls should be a bitter-sweet one as the Emir Of Katsina hides a hapless, defenseless kidnapped girl child in his palace, and has continued to justifying his approval for the mindless abduction of another man’s girl-child, Habiba Isa, who just turned 15 years on 15th October, 2016. The girl was kidnapped by one Jamilu Lawal.

15 years year old Habiba, according to her father, Isiyaku Tanko, was kidnapped from her school, Government Senior Secondary School, Kudun Kankara, Kastina State by one Jamilu Lawal, forcefully converted to Islam and married off by the Emir without her parents’ consent. Emir has even collected N50,000 as bride price on the girl.

Not only did the respected Emir endorsed the heinous crime of kidnap and possible rape (which in some clime would fetch everyone culpable life-time jail sentences), the Emir is said to have informed the hapless father of the victim that Habiba had been converted to Islam, and that he had received the sum of N50, 000.00 as dowry from Jamilu Ibrahim. Malam Takno also alleged that the Emir had informed him that he will marry Habiba off to Jamilu in accordance with Islamic rites and injunctions.

What is even shocking is the loud silence of the government and security agencies. Is the Emir above the law of Nigria? Why spend scarce billions of Nigeria money to looking for Shekau and his Boko Haram cohorts when “esteemed” personalities in the society, in the name of religion perpetrate even worse crimes and get away with it? And why are the major media outfits hush-hush about their reportage of this flagrant rape of decency and justice?

The Emir of Katsina, Alhaji Abdulmumini Kabir Usman, as a father knows the pain of loss having lost his own 17 years old daughter Zainab Abdulmumini Kabir, to an ailment in an Indian hospital in 2015. Endorsing the kidnap and rape of another man’s 14 years girl child in the name of a perverted inordinate marriage and boasting that his decision is irreversible is nothing short of an affront on justice and everything right. What the Emir has said very loudly in action and bluff is that Nigeria is subject to Islamic dictate and her constitution only applicable in the South of the country.

This action is a deliberate attempt want to incite a religious upheaval.

The Emir has also by his action affirmed that our non-Muslim girl children in schools, Katsina state are not safe.

We demand the immediate release of Habiba Isa to her parents. We also demand the arrest and prosecution of all involved in this crime. Otherwise, the federal Government should stop all aggression against Boko Haram insurgents.

Habiba deserves her freedom. She deserves to return to school in pursuance of her lifetime academic aspiration now in jeopardy. She deserves to return to her loved ones.

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